Vinchio – Vaglio Serra

Vinchio – Vaglio Serra is a “Vinegrowers Association” located near Asti in the town of Vinchio. The winery was founded on February 26, 1959 by 19 vine-growers from Vinchio and Vaglio Serra. Today there are 180 members that are owners and tenants of about 320 hectres of vineyard.

These vineyards are concentrated for the most part of Vinchio and Vaglio Serra. Only a restricted part is situated in the neighbouring villages (Incisa Scapaccino, Cortiglione, Nizza Monferrato). These lands, situated on the Alto Monferrato’s hills, are not very fertile, being mostly calcareous and sandy.

For this reason, grapes give of their best: low yield (1.5/2 kilos of grapes for each vinestock), high sugar content. Most of the vineyards are located on very steep slopes, where plants are close to each other. They exploit the best sun exposure.

In order to exploit the excellent grape’s capacities, the wine-grower co-operative has got advanced equipment, modern vinification systems, and French oak barrels for the ageing of precious wines. Vinchio Vaglio Serra controls all aspects of the production process from wine to bottle.